Multi-vehicle Insurance

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Multi-vehicle Insurance

Bike, car, campervan, motorhome and van, we've got them covered!

With our flexible multi-vehicle insurance you may be able secure significant savings* when covering any combination of car, motorcycle, van, motorhome or campervan.

But it’s not just money you can save. It’s hassle too.

Single renewal, one set of documents

We will compare multi-vehicle insurance quotes from among the specialist insurers on our panel** so that you can protect all of your vehicles together. 

This will mean you benefit from a single renewal date and one set of documents, cutting out a whole lot of bother.

Ringfenced no claims discounts

You can even set different excesses and levels of cover for each vehicle, as well as ringfencing no claims discounts so that if you make a claim against one vehicle the rest still keep their bonus.

Easy payments****

Getting started is easy. You can kick-start your policy with just one vehicle then add more as their renewals fall. Easy payment options are also available, letting you settle your premium over the year.****

Please note our multi-vehicle insurance is only available through our call centre on 0330 024 0093

Our call centre is open for multi-vehicle insurance quotes between 8.30am-6.30pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays.  

The cost per vehicle can be lower when taking out multi-vehicle insurance than when insuring vehicles separately.  ** Please ask if you would like details of the panel of insurers we use to compare multi vehicle insurance quotes. *** For certain combinations of vehicle cover may be subject to referral to the insurer. **** Where we can arrange an instalment facility to pay the insurance premium, we act as a credit broker, not a lender. We only offer instalments from a single provider, Close Brothers Premium Finance, and we do not offer advice in relation to this.

Insure any combination of car, motorcycle, motorhome, van or campervan.
Add immediate family members as named drivers (such as children studying away from home).
Savings compared to insuring vehicles separately.*
0330 024 0093

For the best quote chat to our friendly and informed UK based call centre team

Bike, campervan, car, motorhome or van off theroad?

Click here for details of specialist SORN car insurance.

Additional cover options

Pick and choose your cover options to get the exact level of protection that you want, with an extensive range to protect you and your vehicle. Options include Breakdown & Accident Assistance, Motor Legal Protection, Excess Protection and Key Care.

Driving or riding in Europe?

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Because we put our policyholders first, we now serve around 40,000 motorcyclists, motorists, classic car enthusiasts, van drivers, couriers, motorhome owners, homeowners and motor trade professionals nationally.

Whilst we embrace the latest quote and administration technologies, you might say we’re a bit old school.

That’s because we’d prefer to talk to you in order to get the best possible understanding of your needs. That then means we are properly equipped to seek out the best deal for you from our extensive panel of leading UK insurers.*

What’s more we are able to give motorbike insurance, car, van, motorhome, multi-vehicle, home and commercial insurance quotes.

Our impressive growth has been achieved not through multi-million pound marketing campaigns but by delivering old fashioned service.

That can mean finding you the lowest possible insurance quote from our panel of insurers or, if you need make a claim, ensuring that you have access to specialist assistance so that the process is as prompt and painless as possible.

We’re a company with personality, one that instead of demanding staff always follow stringent call scripts and call length targets, encourages them to chat so they can provide you with the highest quality of service.

An independent broker, we source the best quotes from the UK’s leading specialist insurers.
With no call length targets, our experts take the time to find you the best deal.
We’re here to help – with dedicated claims and customer service support.
Our quotes hotline open weekdays 9.00am-6.00pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.

For the best quote chat to our friendly and informed UK based call centre team