Public Liability Insurance

Protect the public, protect your business.

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The Public Liability Insurance Specialists

Public Liability Insurance

Protecting the public, protecting your business.

How much does public liability insurance cost?” is a question you’ve no doubt asked.

But it’s one to which there’s no easy answer.

Of course the one thing you do know is that accidents can happen. What’s more, when they happen they can trigger potentially costly claims.

If someone is injured, dies or suffers loss or damage to their property through the actions of your business, then they can seek substantial compensation. Claims can run into millions of pounds, with legal costs adding to the financial burden.

Public liability insurance covers is designed to protect against these risks. Policies meet not just the cost of compensation, but associated legal fees and expenses (subject, of course, to policy limits).

  • Cover from £1 million+
  • Combined public liability and employers’ liability insurance solutions.
  • All trades, business and charities.

At Principal we work in partnership with our clients, offering expert advice to all trades and businesses to help them assess specific risks.

We then compare public liability insurance quotes offered by our panel of specialist insurers to source the most appropriate and best value policy.*

Please note that if you operate a horse riding business you are legally obliged to take out public liability insurance.

All trades, businesses and charities.
Policies to cover activities on and off business premises.
Flexible cover limits from £1 million upwards.
High risk trades i.e. scaffolders, roofers, heat workers, ground workers etc.
Covers compensation claims and associated legal expenses (subject to policy limits).
Available standalone or as part of integrated business insurance package.
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For the best quote chat to our friendly and informed UK based call centre team

* Please ask details of the insurers we use to compare public liability insurance quotes.



Because we put our policyholders first, we now serve around 40,000 motorcyclists, motorists, classic car enthusiasts, van drivers, couriers, motorhome owners, homeowners and motor trade professionals nationally.

Whilst we embrace the latest quote and administration technologies, you might say we’re a bit old school.

That’s because we’d prefer to talk to you in order to get the best possible understanding of your needs. That then means we are properly equipped to seek out the best deal for you from our extensive panel of leading UK insurers.*

What’s more we are able to give motorbike insurance, car, van, motorhome, multi-vehicle, home and commercial insurance quotes.

Our impressive growth has been achieved not through multi-million pound marketing campaigns but by delivering old fashioned service.

That can mean finding you the lowest possible insurance quote from our panel of insurers or, if you need make a claim, ensuring that you have access to specialist assistance so that the process is as prompt and painless as possible.

We’re a company with personality, one that instead of demanding staff always follow stringent call scripts and call length targets, encourages them to chat so they can provide you with the highest quality of service.

An independent broker, we source the best quotes from the UK’s leading specialist insurers.
With no call length targets, our experts take the time to find you the best deal.
We’re here to help – with dedicated claims and customer service support.
Our quotes hotline open weekdays 9.00am-6.00pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.

For the best quote chat to our friendly and informed UK based call centre team