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Quad Bike Insurance

In the quad squad? Get your specialist quote from Principal.

Sometimes it’s not sourcing cheap quad bike insurance that can be the biggest headache, but finding cover itself for off-road and road legal quads!

That’s because some brokers and insurers simply don’t offer quad bike insurance policies.

But never fear, Principal are here!

For road legal machines we compare quad bike insurance quotes from our panel of specialist insurers to arrange third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover.

And, if you ride an off roader, we can steer you toward fire and theft only quad bike insurance. *

On & off-road quad bike insurance

We’re ready and willing to quote you our best rates for a huge range of quad bikes. These include:

  • Sports Quad bikes.
  • 4×4 Quad bikes.
  • Buggies.
  • Utility Quad bikes.
  • Recreational or Leisure Quad bikes.
  • Performance Quad bikes.
  • Modified Quad bikes, including Custom Quads.

And to help keep your costs down we can even transfer any no claims discount* you’ve earned on your motorcycle insurance, to your quad bike policy.

If you would like us to contact and quote you, then just complete this brief form and we’ll get in touch to offer you the very best deal available via our panel of specialist insurers.*

* The scale and availability of discounts will vary between the insurers on our panel. Please ask for details. ** Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare quad bike insurance quotes. *** Where we can arrange an instalment facility to pay the insurance premium, we act as a credit broker, not a lender. We only offer instalments from a single provider, Close Brothers Premium Finance, and we do not offer advice in relation to this. 

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Getting the best quad bike insurance can be a little complicated.

For starters most quad bikes will not be covered under standard motorcycle insurance policies. There are a couple of good reasons for that.

Firstly, most quad bikes – also known among other things as All Terrain Vehicles (ATVS) – are not designed for use on public roads. They’re more usually off road vehicles.

Secondly, to ride quad bikes that are legal on the public highway, you’ll need not a bike but a car driving licence.

The only exception to that rule is if you possess a category B motorcycle licence that was issued before January 1997.

You can read the Government’s guide to quad bike rules here. The rules differ in Northern Ireland. Please click here for details.

So, your first consideration will be whether you need on or off-road quad bike insurance.

Then you’ll need consider the level of cover you want, or legally need, plus any things you can do to reduce the size of your quad insurance quote.

But first things first…

What is a quad bike?

A simple question right? Well, yes and no.

As we’ve already noted, quads are also known as ATVs.

But it doesn’t end there.

Firstly, quads may be labelled into sub-categories such as utility quad bikes and leisure, recreational, performance and sports quads.

Not forgetting modified or custom quad bikes.

Also falling in the quad category are buggies. These usually having a steering wheel, roll-cage and a side-by-side seat configuration.

Then there are sit-astride quads, usually with a single, centrally positioned seat, but sometimes also with accommodation for a pillion.

There are also microcars known as quadricycles, a category created by the European Union to legislate for four-wheeled vehicles that are more akin to two and three-wheeled machines.

Simply put, compared to standard cars, they are lighter, less powerful and speed limited.

Quadricycles themselves fall into two categories, L6e light on road quad bikes and L7e light quad/passenger vehicles.

L6e quadricycles are restricted to 28mph, weigh up to 425kg and can feature a maximum of two seats. L7es can hit 56mph, carry an extra 25 kilos and host up to four seats.

Both quadricycle types are designed for road use.

What licence do I need to ride a quad bike?

If you are riding an off-road quad, off-road, then you do not need a driving licence, tax (vehicle excise duty) or to register your bike with the DVLA.

The rules differ in Northern Ireland. Please click here for details.

Remember that off-road quads do not meet road safety standards.

If you ride an off-road bike on the public highway you will risk prosecution.

If you’re riding an approved quad on the road, you will need hold a driving licence unless you have a B1 motorcycle licence issued before January 1997.

Do I need tax my quad bike?

Clearly off road bikes do not need to be road taxed.

Otherwise quads must be taxed just as any other road using vehicle.

The one exception to this is if you use your quad bike for agricultural, forestry or horticultural work.

Here there is an exemption for vehicle licence duty, with your quad classed as a light agricultural vehicle.

However, you may only ride on public roads up to 1.5 kilometres “between land that’s occupied by the same person.” And for that you will need road insurance. Carrying passengers is forbidden.

There are also various regulations regarding the fitting of lighting, speedometers and horns to agricultural quads, which you can read here.

Obviously, farm vehicle or not, you’ll also need ensure you and your quad satisfy all the other standard legal requirements, such as having a valid MOT certificate (if your bike is over three years old) and insurance.

Whilst you do not legally need register an off-road quad bike with the DVLA, you might want to get it logged under the off-road register.

Then, if it is stolen it may be easier for the police to track it down and reunite it with you.

Do I need wear a helmet to ride a quad bike?

It’s not a legal requirement in most of the UK but we’d nonetheless strongly recommend it.

It is a legal requirement in Northern Ireland, with a penalty of up to £500 for failure to comply.

Talking of the law, you can only carry passengers if your quad bike is designed to do so.

When getting your quad bike insurance quote you may also be asked if you will be carrying pillions as this increases the potential insurance risk.

Cover notes

Most off road quad insurance policies protect against theft and fire damage.

Some also include third party cover. Subject to your policy limit, this will meet the cost of any claims for injury to another person or damage caused by you when riding your quad.

When it comes to road quad insurance, you will usually have a wider choice of cover options.

Third Party Only insurance (TPO)

This the minimum level of cover you must have by law in order to ride your quad on the public highway.

It will insure you against claims made by third parties for injury or damage to vehicles or property for which you are responsible.

It will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your quad should it be written off, stolen or damaged by fire or accident.

Third Party Fire & Theft insurance (TPFT)

A step above the legal minimum, this also insures fire and theft risks.

Comprehensive insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive insurance offers much broader cover.

For example, should your quad bike be stolen and not recovered, accidentally damaged, written-off or be damaged by fire, then your policy will cover its repair or replacement.

This means you will only be out of pocket to the tune of any excess you agreed when taking out your quad bike insurance.

Comprehensive insurance naturally also includes third party cover.

Sorn insurance

If you have a road legal quad and declare it off road under the Statutory Off Road Notice scheme, you should remember that it still faces risks.

This is where SORN insurance comes in as it protects against fire and theft cover whilst you’re not riding your bike on the road.

Principal arranges specialist SORN bike insurance. For details of cover options visit sorninsurance.co.uk.

How can I get cheap quad bike insurance?

As the old saying goes, cheap ain’t necessarily cheerful.

You’ve no doubt invested a good few bob in your quad, so you should be looking not for cheap, but good value cover. The best quad bike insurance for you.

So, rather than cutting corners, look at what you can do to cut the cost of cover.

No claims discounts

Your claims record is a key risk indicator for insurers.

Claims-free experience can deliver significant discounts on your quad bike insurance.

The good news is that this need not necessarily have been gained riding your quad.

We may be able to transfer any no claims discounts you may have accrued on either a motorcycle or car insurance policy. This is dependant upon the insurer and the type of quad you are insuring.

Discounts typically kick in following one claim-free year, with the maximum bonus typically offered after seven years or more.

The discounts can be well worth having. The maximum bonus offered by insurers on our panel can be as high as 65%.

Voluntary Excess

Here you can assume a little more of the risk when taking out your policy by agreeing to pay a bit more towards any claim you might need make.

If you agree a higher excess then this can reduced your quad bike insurance quote

Storage and security

Strangely enough, insurers are quite precious about how you take care of your bike when not riding it!

How and where you store it is going to matter. Taking security seriously can help keep your quote down.

If you can keep your quad in a locked garage, that will be looked on with approval. For some insurers it may even be a policy requirement.

Fitting some decent, after-market security can also save a few quid on your quote, with the availability and size of discounts varying between insurers.

Here you should be looking out for Thatcham-tested and approved security products and systems.

These can include ground anchors, trackers, tagging systems, electronic or electromagnetic alarms and/or an immobilisers.

* The scale and availability of discounts will vary between the insurers on our panel. Please ask for details. ** Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare quad bike insurance quotes. *** Where we can arrange an instalment facility to pay the insurance premium, we act as a credit broker, not a lender. We only offer instalments from a single provider, Close Brothers Premium Finance, and we do not offer advice in relation to this.



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