Multi drop courier insurance

Multi drop delivery insurance

multi drop Courier insurance quotesIf you’re in the courier business, handling multiple drops of parcels or packages, then you’ll need have specialist insurance.

This is know as carriage of goods for hire and reward insurance.

It’s legally required if you are being paid for delivering goods that belong to someone else.

Multi drop courier insurance is designed to provide cover to self-employed van drivers and businesses.

It is different to haulage insurance which serves to protect van and lorry drivers who typically work single or double drop, long distance routes.

In contrast multi drop van courier insurance is geared more to drivers serving a local area with multiple deliveries.

It recognises the distinctive nature of your business. The frequent stops and starts, the relatively high mileage, the type of products you carry – it won’t cover hazardous goods or removal jobs.

Van Courier Insurance Options

multi drop courier insuranceAt Principal we offer a wide range of courier insurance options. These include:

  • Third Party Only (TPO)
  • Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT)
  • Comprehensive

If you want to know more about the differences between these three options, please visit our FAQs.

Through our panel of specialist insurers we are also able to offer no claims discounts of up to 65%.*

We also arrange goods in transit insurance for couriers. Whilst this is not legally required, it is recommended because it will cover you against the loss of, or damage to, goods whilst they are being transported.

In addition we can arrange combined liability insurance. This combines goods in transit with employers’ liability and public liability insurance.

Multi drop scooter courier insurance

delivery rider insuranceIf you deliver on two rather than four wheels you can also get multi drop scooter courier insurance.

You can check it out on our Delivery Rider Insurance page.



* Underwriting terms and conditions and availability of cover will vary between insurers. Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare van insurance quotes. 

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