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If you’re a public or private hire taxi driver then affordable minicab or taxi insurance is essential.

You need choose your cover with care. So when you see a cheap taxi insurance quote, check the detail. Make sure it provides the cover you need because not all taxi and minicab insurance is the same.

“Policy only” cover is typically the cheapest taxi insurance. This is because it offers limited cover.

A “named driver” policy will specifically cover you.

There is also “any driver” insurance which will cover any legal motorist to drive your taxi,

Watch out too for benefits that might make your life easier. These could include things like flexible payment schemes which let you spread the cost of cover.

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We’ll take our time – with no meter running! – to make sure we know what you need and want before steering you to appropriate and effective taxi insurance.

  • Public hire Hackney cab insurance
  • Private hire minicab and Uber insurance
  • Chauffeur insurance
  • New for old vehicle replacement*
  • Discounts for hardwired dashboard cameras and CCTV (professionally fitted)
  • No claims discounts**
  • Motor Legal Expenses (as standard or optional)***
  • Motor Consumer Dispute insurance (as standard or optional)***
  • Optional Road Halo ‘Licence Defence’ Motor Prosecution insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Monthly payment plans
  • Instant cover

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* Any driver taxi insurance not provided by all underwriters. **New for old cover available subject to underwriter and policy terms and conditions – please ask for details. *** Discounts available for proposers with a minimum 12 months’ claims free taxi driving experience immediately prior to policy inception, where a letter of experience can be provided expiring less than one month prior to inception. Discount values vary between underwriters. **** Motor Legal Expense and Motor Consumer Dispute may be featured as standard or optional, depending upon the underwriter/policy.
Principal Insurance is an independent specialist broker. Please ask for details of the panel of insurers we use to compare taxi insurance quotes.

Factors that may affect the cost of taxi insurance

Taxi insuranceThere are many factors that insurers take into account when calculating a taxi or minicab insurance quote.


Your mileage will be important. As a public or private hire driver you will almost certainly be putting in more miles than most drivers.

Typically too those miles will be on urban roads which are more congested and where accidents are statistically more likely.

Claims free experience

Insurers reward claims-free driving with discounts.

These can be significant. Markerstudy offers a no claims bonus scale up to six years, with a maximum discount of 60%.

An insurer will deal differently with no claims experience earned when driving in a personal capacity and that when working as a private or public hire driver.

The longer you have held your taxi badge and not claimed, the better (up to the limit of an insurer’s no claims bonus scale).

If you have a motoring conviction this can increase your premium. If you have a criminal conviction an insurer may also increase your taxi or minicab insurance quote, or, in some cases, may refuse cover.

If you have any kind of conviction you must declare it or your insurance may not be valid.

Your vehicle

The vehicle you drive will fall into one of as many as 50 insurance group categories which insurers use when calculating premiums.

Public and private hire vehicles often fall into higher insurance groups because they tend to be larger than standard cars so that they can carry multiple passengers.

Other factors will also affect a vehicle’s insurance group rating.

These include repair costs, safety devices and overall value. For example, if you have a professionally fitted and hardwired dashcam and/or interior CCTV, you may be able to earn a discount. You’ll need present a fitment certificate so remember to keep hold of your paperwork.

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