Can I spread the cost of multi bike insurance?

why buy multi bike insuranceCan I spread the cost of multi bike insurance

The short answer is yes.

We can help arrange finance so that the cost of your multi bike insurance is broken down into bite size chunks.

If you are setting up a new policy then you will initially need pay 10% of the cost of your policy. You will then spread the cost of your multi bike insurance over the following 10 months.

At renewal you will not need make that initial 10% payment. Instead you will simply asked to settle your account by making 11 monthly payments.

Who do I pay if I spread the cost of multi bike insurance?

Monthly payments will be payable to Close Brothers Premium Finance, a specialist provider of finance for insurance.

They will not be payable to Principal Insurance,. We act only as a credit broker, not a lender and only offer instalments via Close Brothers Premium Finance. We do not offer advice in relation to credit agreements.

Can I spread the cost of multi bike insurance without a credit check?

This time the short answer is no.

We and other companies involved in arranging your multi bike insurance, such as insurers and Close Brothers Premium Finance, may use public and personal data from a range of sources. These will include credit reference agencies.

This information is used to ensure that we obtain our best deal for you and determine that spreading the cost of multi bike insurance is the most appropriate payment option. It can also protect you from fraud.

This search will appear on your credit report, whether or not your application proceeds, but will not affect your credit rating. If you have any questions about this or any other matter, please contact us by calling 0330 024 1730 or emailing by clicking here.

Want to set up a multi bike insurance policy? Call our specialist team on 0330 024 0087.

 Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare multi bike insurance quotes. Terms and conditions will apply.  Cover is available through our call centre only. We do not offer multi bike insurance online.

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