How should I compare scooter insurance?

Things to think about when you compare moped or scooter insurance

It’s natural to want to compare scooter insurance – rather than simply accept the first quote you see.

Everyone wants to get the best deal in town. But what is the best deal?

Cheap scooter insurance? Possibly not. The lowest priced policy may not necessarily provide the cover you want.

What you’re looking for is great value. The best scooter insurance for you at the best price for your bank balance!

compare scooter insuranceFair comparison?

When getting quotes from brokers, insurers or price comparison sites it’s really important to check you’re comparing like with like.

You might see what looks like a cheap scooter insurance quote compared to the competition. But when you look closer you could well find some important differences.

For example, the compulsory excess – the amount of money you would need pay towards the cost of a claim – may be different.

A policy with a compulsory excess of £500 will likely be cheaper than one with a £100 excess. This is because a higher excess would see you sharing more of the financial risk and, as a result, an insurer may be inclined to think you’ll take greater care of your scooter.

Of course you may be happy to commit to a higher excess precisely because it will reduce your scooter insurance quote. That’s why many policies will allow you to set a voluntary excess, a sum higher than the compulsory excess.

It can be a sensible and attractive choice, but just remember than should need claim, you’ll need – and need to be able – to dig deeper into your pocket.

compare scooter insuranceChoosing the right cover

As you compare scooter insurance quotes, the level of cover you require is going to be key

There are three core types of cover.

Third Party Only (TPO) is the most basic form, the legal minimum. This covers injury to others and accidental damage  to their property, caused by you. It does not cover your scooter or moped, or an injury you suffer.

Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) extends TPO to cover – you guessed it – fire damage to, and theft of, your scooter. It won’t, though, cover accidental damage caused to your machine for which you are at fault.

Comprehensive, or fully comprehensive scooter insurance adds to TPFT with cover for  damage to your scooter caused by an accident for which you are at fault.

A word of warning about cover levels when getting your scooter or moped insurance quote. Don’t assume that, because it offers the lowest level of cover, TPO will always be the lowest priced option. That’s not always true. In fact comprehensive insurance can sometimes be cheaper than TPO and TPFT policies.

compare scooter insuranceRide to work?

If you plan to use your scooter or moped for getting to and from work, check for commuting cover when you compare scooter insurance quotes.

Many policies do not include commuting as standard.

If you use your scooter to carry out work, you will need ensure your policy includes the relevant business class insurance.

Discount scooter insurance

Insurers often offer discounts if you fit additional, insurance approved security to your machine.

Fitting Thatcham-certified devices such as immobilisers, alarms and forensic security marking can earn discounts of up to 10% from the insurers on our panel.*

Some insurers offer similar discounts if your are a member of a recognised owners club.*

If you are willing and able to minimise your miles, limited mileage policies can also cut the cost of your scooter insurance.

Finally, the great way of paring your premium is to notch up claims free riding experience. No claims bonuses offered through the insurers on our panel can be as deep as 65%!

No claims bonuses are usually available after just one year without making a claim, with the discount rising with each subsequent year (usually hitting a ceiling after 10 years or so).

Getting your scooter insurance quote

Of course, when you compare scooter insurance, don’t forget to get a quote from Principal. We are experts in the field and work with a range of specialist insurers to root out the best deal we can for our customers.

You can quote and buy by clicking here or call our friendly motorcycle insurance team by calling 0330 024 0087.

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How should I compare scooter insurance?

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