How can I get cheap scooter insurance?

Getting a cheap scooter insurance quote is the holy grail isn’t it?

Well, yes and no.

There’s something about the word cheap. It doesn’t necessarily sum up what you’re really after, which is the best value scooter insurance. The right cover at the right price.

Getting the best scooter insurance?

So how do you do it?

Well there are a few things you can do to try and ensure you don’t pay a penny more than you need.

Fitting insurance approved security can earn you a discount of up to 10%. So too can membership of a recognised owners club.

Storing your scooter securely overnight – garaging as the insurers call it – will also earn brownie points (it may well be a requirement for many insurers).

Another way of cutting your scooter insurance quote is to take out a limited mileage policy. Fewer miles means lower road risk. Typically you’ll find limited mileage scooter insurance start at 1,000 miles, going up in bands thereafter.*

Deepest discount scooter insurance?

But the deepest discounts are offered to the safest scooterists.

By safe we don’t just mean those who’ve avoided accidents. We mean those who are the safest risk for insurers.

A key indicator for them is, of course, the number of claim free years you can show them.

For example, the insurers on Principal Insurance’s specialist panel, offer no claims discounts of up to 65%.**

Normally your no claims bonus will kick in after just one year of claims-free scootering.

cheap scooter insurance

* The value and availability of approved security, owners club, limited mileage and no claims discounts varies between insurers. ** Please ask for details of the insurers on our panel we use to compare scooter insurance. 


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How can I get cheap scooter insurance?

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