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Your van may be a lifeline, so if it’s seized you need get it released as quickly as possible. Impounded van insurance could come to your rescue.

impounded Van insurance quotesFor many owners, their vans are more than just a vehicle. Your van could be vital for your work. You might rely on it to pursue a life-affirming hobby.

So what if it becomes a statistic, one of hundreds of thousands of vehicles reportedly clamped or impounded in the UK every year? 

It can be quite a headache. Even if it’s insured, you may not be covered for its release – and, even if your insurer is willing to extend your cover, they may demand a sizeable premium. That can be problem because, if it’s been seized, you must prove you have insurance in place before it will be released.

You need act quickly too. You have just seven days to reclaim your vehicle and, if you fail to do so within 14, it could be sold or destroyed.

This is where impounded van insurance can help. Also known as seized van insurance, it offers specialist short-term cover. This is designed to ensure you can satisfy the legal obligation to have at least 30 days road insurance in place to secure your van’s release.

Benefits the impounded van insurance we arrange offers include:

  • 30 day cover to meet legal minimum required for release
  • Cover for seizures under Section 165a of the Road Traffic Act
  • Carriage of own goods business van insurance
  • Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SDP) use
  • Commuting
  • Van sharing
  • Third party only impounded van insurance – all the cover you need to secure vehicle release
  • Medical expenses cover included (£100 per passenger, maximum four)

You can read more here about who has authority to seize your van, for what reasons and how to go about getting it released. Different rules apply in Northern Ireland. Please click here for details.

Impound insurance cover is available to drivers aged 21-68 years, subject to meeting underwriting conditions. Certain occupations excluded – please ask for details. Other than Carriage of Own Goods, business van insurance is not available through this policy. 


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Call our specialist team on 0330 053 6844 for your Impounded Van Insurance quote

Our call centre is open for impounded van insurance quotes between 8.30am-6.30pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays.


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