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pays-as-you-go fleet insuranceA relatively new concept, pay-as-you go fleet insurance – or usage based fleet insurance – is  increasingly popular with business owners and fleet managers.

Its attractions are obvious.

It’s flexible, is priced not by estimates but the miles actually driven and, with payments made monthly in arrears, can ease cashflow.*

What’s more we can arrange pay-as-you-go fleet insurance for vans, car, mopeds – including use for delivery or courier services – and private hire vehicles.

Free ‘fit and forget’ telematics**

The cover we arrange includes free telematics devices which you can easily install and register yourself. Simply fit and forget.

Already got telematics? No problem. Provide proof and we will arrange for the cost for the first 12 months of your pay-as-you-go insurance policy to be covered.

You’ll also be able to access a handy fleet portal.

You can use this to manage your policy and access a range of reports and insights so that you can easily monitor driver behaviour.

This will let you discreetly identify how well – or otherwise – your drivers are driving and how they might improve. Such insights can help you minimise claims – it’s worth noting that just 10% of drivers are responsible for 50% of fleet incidents.***

They can also help you encourage good driving habits to keep your drivers safe, increase fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on key parts such as brake pads and discs.

parcel delivery insuranceHow does pays-as-you-go fleet insurance work?

It’s simple.To get you started, you’ll be provided with a free telematics device for every insured vehicle.**

Mount them in the cabin, connect to the battery and you’re good to go.

These devices will provide all the data necessary to administer your usage-based fleet insurance policy.

To guarantee connectivity and global coverage, you’ll receive a roaming SIM for every device.**

More accurate, more fair

Your premium will be calculated by adding a by-the-mile vehicle rate to a fixed fleet cost base.

That fixed base rate ensures all your vehicles are always covered, with the flexible premium meaning you’re paying for the miles actually driven, rather than an estimate.

Premiums are charged monthly in arrears, interest-free and there are no admin fees to worry about.

Actual also means accurate. Some 84% of courier fleets drive fewer miles than they estimate. Why pay for what you’re not doing?***

Better manage your costs

Your monthly costs will also mirror the peaks and troughs of demands on your business vehicles. When your miles are low (indicating your revenues are depressed), you’ll pay less.

You will also be able to agree a cap on your monthly payment – and never pay more.

Because you’ll be paying in arrears, you need to pay a fully refundable security deposit. You may be able to arrange a payment plan, depending upon the size of your deposit.****

You can also save up to 80% on any vehicles you temporarily take off the road.

Available around the clock, your fleet portal will let you easily see where you are with things and manage your policy. As well as mileage it will also deliver environmental, tax compliance and trip reports along wit safety and security notifications.

Pays-as-you-go fleet insurance features & benefits include:

  • Free, self-install telematics devices
  • Billing based on actual mileage – more accurate, more fair
  • Better manage costs. Pay for what you use with costs aligning with demand
  • Easy policy management through fleet portal
  • Interest-free, automated monthly billing – in arrears
  • Driver behaviour insights – increase safety, reduce costs
  • Available for van, car and moped courier and delivery fleets*****
  • Mixed fleet up to 200 vehicles for delivery and courier pays-as-you-go insurance (subject to referral and acceptance)
  • Environmental, tax compliance and trip reporting
  • Safety and security notifications

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* Deposit of 25-50% payable on policy inception, dependent upon credit rating. Costs comprise fixed base rate per vehicle, plus mileage based rate to give monthly premium. ** Telematics devices provided free. Monthly data charges apply. *** Information supplied by Zego, a trading name of Extracover Ltd. **** The standard security deposit is 50% (of monthly rate x number of vehicles), reduced to 25% where credit rating is 51 or higher. Payment plans subject to status.  ***** Minimum age, claims history and fleet size requirements vary. 

Cover provided subject to underwriting criteria. Limits, exclusions, terms and conditions apply. Please ask for details.

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Our call centre is open for fleet insurance quotes between 8.30am-6.30pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays.


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