Why buy multi bike insurance?

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Why buy multi-bike insurance?

We’ll tell you! Here’s just four good reasons…

why buy multi bike insuranceIt could save you ££££s

You don’t need a Masters degree in Logical Thinking to get why a multi- bike insurance policy could save you money.

It doesn’t matter how many bikes you own, you can only ride one at a time.

Therefore you only need cover for road risks whilst riding whichever one bike takes your fancy at the time.

Whilst you’re out and about on that machine, your other one, two, three or more bikes simply need protecting against fire, accidental damage or theft, depending on the cover options you choose.

You might also think of it as you would bulk buying anything else.

This is why purchasing a multi-bike insurance policy can be cheaper than insuring each of your bikes on a separate policies.*

why buy multi bike insuranceIt could save you hassle

If you own several bikes and they’re insured by several insurers then you’ll have several bits of paperwork and, most likely, several different renewal dates.

With a multi-bike insurance policy, all your motorcycles will be covered by one insurer and have one renewal date.

You start your multi-bike insurance policy by setting up cover for your first bike (or bikes) when it’s renewal falls.

Then you then add the others as their existing cover expires. In the first year of your multi-bike insurance, some insurers add the premium for each additional bike on a pro rata basis.

In this way all your bikes then have the same renewal date, based on when you took out cover for your first bike.

You can cover as many bikes as you want

As long as you and your bikes satisfy underwriting criteria, you can insure any number of motorcycles on a multi-bike insurance policy.

Those criteria might include things like the value, security and storage of your bikes – the sort of things you might expect to be conditions of motorcycle insurance policies.


why buy multi bike insurance

You can cover any combination of bikes and trikes

With multi-bike insurance you can include any kind of bike on your policy – again subject to meeting underwriting criteria.

This means you can indulge your biking – and triking passion – where it takes you.

Cover can be provided for any mix of bike, from the factory standard commuter to the exotic, one-off custom.

That includes everything before, beyond and inbetween, including classics, cruisers, mopeds, scooters, adventure, sports, supersports, tourers, trails, trikes…

Why buy multi bike insurance?  Ask our specialist bike insurance team on 0330 024 0093.

Our call centre is open for multi-bike insurance quotes between 8.30am-6.30pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays.

* The cost per bike can be lower when taking out a multi bike insurance policy  than when insuring motorcycles separately.  Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare multi bike insurance quotes.  Cover is available through our call centre only. We do not offer multi bike insurance online.

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