How can I get cheaper multi bike insurance?

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How can I get cheaper multi bike motorcycle insurance?

There are a number of ways you might be able to get cheaper multi bike insurance.

It’s common sense really.

If you can demonstrate you’ve taken steps to minimise risk, an insurer will recognise and reward you.

There are a number if things they look out for.

Voluntary excess

You can address the balance of risk between you and your insurer by agreeing a higher voluntary excess.

The excess is the amount you must pay towards the cost of meeting any claim.

By agreeing to pay a higher sum, you reduce the cost to the insurer and, arguably, will take better care of yourself and your machine to avoid paying that increased excess.

Insurers and policies that offer a voluntary excess will recognise this by offering you a lower premium.

multi bike insuranceSecurity solutions

Many policies offer discounts if you are making use of  insurance approved and Thatcham tested security devices.

These can include electronic or electromagnetic alarms, immobilisers, ground anchors, tagging systems and trackers.

The size and availability of security discounts varies between insurers.

Secure storage is also a winner – many policies may in any case require your bikes to be garaged as a condition of insurance. We can advise you on this.

Owners club savings

If you’re a member of a recognised owners club this may earn you a discount. Again, the availability and size of discounts will vary between insurers.

No claims discounts

As you’ll no doubt already know, the number of claims-free years riding you have is going to be of great interest to any insurer.  In short, more means less (up to an insurer’s maximum bonus limit).

The discounts on offer vary and your claims history is one of a range of factors, so it’s difficult to say exactly how much cheaper your multi bike insurance might be.

But the discounts available from the specialist motorcycle insurers on our panel* reach up to 65%.

Whilst bonus structures differ, discounts usually kick in after one claim-free year, with the maximum bonus typically offered after 10 years or more.

Restricted mileage

Again, this is not rocket science.

If you ride fewer miles you’ll reduce your road risk. This means that agreeing to limit your miles  is  one way you might get a cheaper multi-bike insurance policy.

Bear in mind though, that once you’ve agreed a mileage limit, you’ll need stick to it.

Breaching your self imposed constraint could mean you’ll need pay an additional premium.

multi bike insurance quote staffCall for a quote

To be honest, because we don’t do multi bike insurance online, you don’t have much choice but to call us!

But there are good reasons why we only arrange a multi-bike insurance policy by ‘phone.

Here, it’s very much good to talk – not least to an experienced advisor from a specialist motorcycle insurance team.

By talking directly with you, they can lean all about your various bikes, riding history and any factors that might help you get a cheaper multi-bike insurance policy.

Having chatted through everything with you, they’ll the source the best available multi-bike quote from our specialist underwriting panel.*

Looking for a multi bike insurance policy? Ask our specialist team on 0330 024 0093.

Our call centre is open for multi-bike insurance quotes between 8.30am-6.30pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays.

Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare multi bike insurance quotes. The cost per bike can be lower when taking out a multi bike insurance policy than when insuring motorcycles separately.Terms and conditions will apply.  Cover is available through our call centre only. We do not offer multi bike insurance online.

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