Can I cover other riders on a multi bike policy?

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Can I cover other riders on a multi-bike policy?

Whilst you may be able to cover another named rider on your multi-bike policy, this may not be in your best interests.

The reasons for this are quite simple.

Doing so will remove many of the benefits you gain from multi bike insurance – and increase the cost of your policy.

Multi-bikes, not multi-ridersmulti bike insurance

To understand why, you need look at why multi-bike insurance can be cheaper than insuring different bikes separately.*

They’re designed to cover multiple bikes, not multiple riders.

Whilst several bikes may be covered, with only one rider, only one insured bike is being ridden at any one time. This minimises an insurers exposure to road risks.

One rider riding one bike means that, at that time, the remaining bikes on cover require protection only from fire, theft and/or accidental damage (depending on the cover you have chosen) insurance.

If more than one rider is insured the road risk exposure increases accordingly.

multi bike insuranceIf I want to cover other riders, what are my options?

For the reasons explained above, rather than looking to cover other riders on your multi bike insurance policy, you might consider personal fleet insurance.

Also known as home or family fleet insurance, this lets you add partners, spouses and immediate family members as named riders.

We also arrange multi-vehicle insurance.

This cover lets you add immediate family members as named riders/drivers when insuring any combination of motorcycle, car, motorhome, campervan or van insurance.

This includes children when they are studying away from home.

If you would like more details on home fleet or multi vehicle insurance, please call us on 0330 024 0093, or click here to email.

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*The cost per bike can be lower when taking out a multi bike insurance policy than when insuring motorcycles separately. Please ask for details of the insurers we use to compare multi bike insurance quotes. Terms and conditions will apply.  Cover is available through our call centre only. We do not offer multi bike insurance online.

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