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If you have a question about your policy arranged through Principal Insurance, or about getting a policy started, check our FAQS to see if your question has been answered.

We also have an insurance FAQS if you’d like to know more about insurance in general.

If you can’t find an answer to your question you can call to talk to one of our friendly customer service team members on 0330 024 0098.

Requested Documents

If you have any questions about the documents we have requested from you as part of the validation process please visit our validation FAQ page.


Do you cover modifications?

Yes, we have policies that can cover custom and modified bikes, trikes, cars, and motorhomes.

We know that with modified vehicles you may want a policy that doesn’t just cover your vehicle, but also all the parts that you have used to modify it. With a number of specialist policies we arrange – such as classic motorcycle, classic car, custom motorcycle, trike, campervanmotorhome and specialist vehicle insurance, the insurer will provide a free agreed value assessment service.

This will mean that should the worst happen and your vehicle be written off (damaged beyond economical repair) or stolen and not recovered, your insurer will settle your claim for the value you agreed – less your excess.

Is there a limit on how many vehicles or bikes I can cover with my multi-vehicle or multi-bike insurance?

No. We have access to policies with no limit to how many bikes or vehicles can be on the policy.

If you’re taking out a new policy with us we’ll be able to arrange cover for all of your bikes or vehicles.

If you already have a multi-vehicle or multi-bike insurance policy arranged through us, and want to add a bike or vehicle to your policy, we can arrange this subject to the insurer’s underwriting limitations. If your current insurer won’t extend your policy to cover further vehicles, we may be able to arrange a new policy for you with a different underwriter.

Please be aware though that it’s not always cheaper or practical to take out a multi-vehicle or multi-bike  insurance policy. There may be occasions where we suggest putting your vehicles on several different policies in order to provide you with the best quote we can secure on your behalf from our panel of insurers.

We use different panels of insurers to arrange insurance for different types of vehicles. Please ask if you would like more details,

Amending My Policy

Do I need to let you know when I change job/address/vehicle/other?

If circumstances that affect your policy change you need to let us know.

This is so that we can make sure that you have the right cover to protect you and your vehicle. If you fail to let us know of a change in circumstances that affect your policy it can void your policy and result in the underwriters not paying out for a claim. If we’ve asked you a question whilst we’ve quoted you for your insurance premium and your answer has changed, let us know by calling our customer service team on 0330 024 0098.

How do I change my address/vehicle/details?

To amend your policy, you’ll have to call our customer service line on 0330 024 0098 and speak to one of our dedicated customer service team members. They will run through the changes to your policy with you in our system to make sure that you continue to have the right cover that reflects your change in circumstances.

How will these changes affect my policy?

Depending on the change you’ve made to your policy you may find that it increases your premium. This will be due to your amendment increasing the risk associated with your policy. For example, when it comes to changing your address, your new postcode may be rated differently to your existing one by our underwriters.

If you move to a higher risk area your underwriter will require an increase in premium to reflect the increase in risk that comes from moving to this area. This can be similarly applied to other amendments such as changing your vehicle etc.

The increase in premium will only increase from the time of your amendment until the end of your policy.

Cover Abroad

Which countries am I covered in?

The list of countries that you’re covered in is dependent upon the underwriter of your policy. You will find the list contained in the policy documents that you received when you first took out your policy. If you’re unsure about whether your vehicle is insured whilst abroad call our customer service team on 0330 024 0098.

How long am I covered for whilst abroad?

The length of time that you can stay abroad for whilst still covered by your insurance is dependent on your underwriter. The terms will be contained within your policy documents. If you’re unsure about the length of time that you’re covered for call our customer service team on 0330 024 0098.

What level of cover do I have whilst abroad?

The level of cover that you have whilst riding or driving abroad is dependent on your underwriter. The terms will be contained within your policy documents. If you’re unsure about the length of time that you’re covered for call our customer service team on 0330 024 0098.

Do I need to tell you that I am going abroad?

You don’t have to tell us if you’re going abroad, but we do recommend giving us a quick call to let us know. This is just to make sure that you’ll have cover at your destination or destinations for the entire duration of your trip. To talk to us call our customer service team on 0330 024 0098.

Policy Documents

I’ve lost my policy documents, how do I get them back?

At Principal, we email out policy documents to our customers at the start of there policy. If you have misplaced your policy wordings but still hold your insurance documents you can find them here. If you’ve lost all of your insurance documents we can resend them to you if you contact with a request to get them resent to you.

I’ve not received my policy documents, where are they?

If you can’t see your policy documents in your email you, may have received them but not to your inbox. Please check your spam or filter folders to double check that your documents haven’t been sent to your junk folder

If your documents aren’t there then your email address may have been incorrectly inputted into our system. To rectify this please email our customer service team at

Making a Claim

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim you can call our claims number on 0330 024 1376 and the friendly team at Inspire Claims will run through a claim form with you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can fill out the form on our claims page and we will get back to you.

Commercial insurance policyholders only: If you need claim on your commercial insurance policy, please call 0330 024 0136.

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