20 January 2021

Principal to enhance engagement with customer and staff apps

We’re pleased to announce we are launching two apps which will further enhance the customer experience and our support for staff.

Having partnered specialist app developer Engage Solutions Group we are today launching our staff-focused Principal Hub platform. This will be followed next month by  the customer-facing Your Principal app which is in the final stages of testing and development.

“Whilst not driven by Covid, it’s fair to say the pandemic accelerated our plans to develop these apps,” comments Principal managing director, Dave Bowcock.

“We were already evaluating how we might utilise such technology, but saw that, whilst their benefits clearly have longevity, these have been amplified by the advent of the new normal.”

Your Principal will incorporate functionality to enable in-app policy validation, claims registration and breakdown assistance requests.

It will also make it easier for policyholders to direct enquiries to Principal’s various sales and service teams.

The app will also enable the issuing of communications and rewards to individuals and specific user groups defined by Principal.

“This functionality will enable us to better and more easily target incentives in support of retention and cross-selling complementary lines. With a new and highly flexible communication channel, we will also be able to better engage customers with the brand,” says Bowcock.

Enhancements planned for phase two of the development include an account view and payment facility.

Principal Hub will host training, development and compliance materials, company policies and procedures.

Staff will be able to use it to request holidays, view their payslips and pension details and perform other role-related housekeeping.

As with the customer app, it will report when and by whom a document or message has been opened. This will assist us in maintaining best practice compliance and in monitoring consumption of company updates.

Development of the apps comes as Principal pursues another significant technological project. The company has already announced it is to launch an AI-powered, emotion-detecting speech and text analytics system. The Xdroid platform is due to go live next spring.

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