18 October 2021

Pay-as-you-go Fleet Insurance launched

We’re pleased to announce that we now arrange pay-by-the-mile Fleet insurance.

Whilst pay-as-you-go insurance is fairly well established in the private car market, it’s relatively new to the commercial insurance sector.

It is though increasingly popular with fleet operators, business managers and owners.

We get why. It’s more flexible, fairer – what you pay is directly linked to the miles your vehicles do – and you pay monthly in arrears.

Van, car, moped

pay as you go fleet insuranceThe new Pay-as-you-go Fleet Insurance policy can be used to cover not just vans, but cars and mopeds.

You can also talk to us about mixed fleets.

To learn more about how it works please click here or call our Commercial Insurance specialists on 0330 024 0135.

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