02 October 2023

Our customer service solution wins national award

We are delighted to report that a sophisticated speech analytics and customer experience solution implemented at Principal Insurance has won a prestigious award.

Xdroid speech analytics

Principal Insurance’s head of sales, Dave Titterington (centre) accepts the Comms National Award with the Avoira team and Vernon Kay.

Developed and implemented by technology solutions specialist, Avoira, our Xdroid speech analytics tool won the Best SME Contact Centre Customer Solution at the Comms National Awards.

The award recognises how Xdroid helps us further enhance customer service, processes and the wellbeing of our staff.

At a glitzy awards ceremony hosted by broadcaster Vernon Kay, the Avoira solution was commended for its inclusion of a vulnerable customers identification tool.

Created in partnership with our Customer Services team, this enables us to better support customers with financial, health and other vulnerabilities to ensure they benefit from good outcomes.

Customer satisfaction

A customer sentiment tracker, which takes advantage of Xdroid’s emotion-detecting capabilities gives us insights into a customer’s satisfaction level during and at the conclusion of every dialogue.

We can then use this information to fine-tune how we interact with our customers and enhance the service we provide to them.

Xdroid is also assisting us in satisfying and evidencing compliance with our regulatory obligations.

Because we are a financial services firm we must – quite rightly – demonstrate that we are acting in the best interests of our customers by complying with a range of rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Xdroid helps us with this by capturing, transcribing and analysing every customer interaction. This is a step-change from the traditional random call sampling conducted by many other insurance brokers.

Staff wellbeing

principal insuranceA further benefit highlighted by the awards is how this sophisticated solution supports the wellbeing and performance of our staff.

Naturally we are all delighted that the hard work and expertise put in by both Avoira and our internal teams has received national recognition.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to receive external endorsement of a solution which was the powerful product of innovative, customer-focused thinking,” noted our managing director, Dave Bowcock (pictured left).

“This Comms National Award is a well-merited and high profile pat on the back to  those at Avoira and Principal whose dedication and expertise created such an effective and beneficial solution.”



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