02 July 2021

New personal accident insurance policy offers up to £30,000 cover

Motor personal accident insurance

motor personal accident insuranceWe’ve just updated our portfolio with motor personal accident insurance policies that offer up to £30,000 cover should the worst happen following a road traffic accident (RTA).

Of course none of us likes to think about such an eventuality.

But the truth is, that no matter how good a rider or driver we are, we can, of course, still end up in a serious RTA.

In the 12 months to June 2020, the Department for Transport reports that 24,470 people were killed or seriously injured in RTAs reported to the police.

Believe it or not, whilst a depressingly high figure, that number was significantly lower than the previous year, with traffic volumes reduced due to Covid lockdowns.

As the country looks to exit pandemic restrictions, the sad fact is it will likely rise again.

Think the unthinkable

motor personal accident insuranceSo perhaps we should all think about the unthinkable happening?

With that in mind, we’ve introduced motor personal accident policies for motorcyclists and car and van drivers.

These are available as low cost “add ons” when you take out any car, van or motorbike insurance policy through Principal.

They offer up to £30,000 cover for the most serious injuries – such as full loss of sight or hearing and death – caused by a motoring accident or assault occurring whilst travelling in, getting into or out of the insured vehicle.*

This is much more than many other standard motor personal accident insurance policies where, as money.co.uk notes, the limit may be just £10,000.

Peace of mind

These policies provide a little peace of mind. Just think, should you be in an accident and unable to work, on top of everything you’d have the added worry of how you’re going to pay the bills.

Cover for drivers costs just £24.99 when they take out a car or van insurance policy, and £29.99 for motorcyclists.

You can find more details on our dedicated motor personal accident page by clicking here. It is one of a range of additional cover options we offer. These include:

Our motor personal accident insurance is only available when you take out an annual motorcycle, van or car insurance policy through Principal and will run concurrently with that policy.  * Limits vary depending upon injury. Please see policy wording for full details of limits, exclusions, terms and conditions. Our personal accident cover is managed and provided by Arc Legal Assistance Limited and underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited, on whose behalf we act.

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