08 March 2021

MCIA wins early return for bike lessons and CBT training

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has announced the Government has agreed to allow motorcycle lessons and CBT training to resume ahead of the return of motorcycle testing next month.

Both motorcycle and car theory and practical tests are due to recommence on Monday 12th April. In a common sense move ministers have now agreed that bike lessons and training can begin two weeks before that date, on Monday 29th March.

CBTThe move was welcomed by our managing director, Dave Bowcock, who commented:

“It’s important that learner riders and those training for the full bike test are given an opportunity to refresh their skills before the reintroduction of testing.

“Those whose Compulsory Basic Training certificates expired during lockdown, and who were denied extensions, will also welcome any move that accelerates their ability to return to the road.”



MCIA statement

In a statement to its members – which include Principal Insurance – the MCIA said:

MCIA are pleased to announce that motorcycle lessons and CBT training will resume on March 29th ahead of Motorcycle testing, which will resume on 12th April. It was originally anticipated that CBT training would resume at the same time as car training on 12th April, however, with the strong lobby by MCIA, we are pleased that Ministers have listened and acted accordingly. Theory tests are also due to restart in England on 12th April.

“For the sector this is great news, as government were not willing to offer a temporary extension of expiring CBT certificates and therefore will be very much appreciated by commuters, delivery riders and key workers that rely on this form of transport.”

Photo credits: The Ride Academy

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