16 November 2019

Grinnall debuts Midwest Indian 3 trike at NEC

Today sees Grinnall Trikes’ unveil the Midwest Indian 3, the latest addition to the Stourport builder’s impressive trike range. Built around Indian’s Scout 1200, this stunning three-wheeler makes its worldwide debut on the Principal Insurance stand at Motorcycle Live.


Some people take the path of least resistance, the easy route. Mark Grinnall does not.

The boss of Midwest Moto, the Midlands dealership which incorporates Grinnall Trikes, clearly relishes a challenge.

“Grinnall Trikes are the only builders who develop integrated styling for every trike. That’s not cheap to do but it makes the machine look a piece,” he says.

Midwest Indian 3You can see what he means with the new Midwest Indian 3, revealed in all its glory today at the NEC. It dispenses with a conventional steel space frame in favour of a CNC billet aluminium alloy sub-frame bolted directly onto the Scout’s cast alloy chassis.

“The chassis design of the Scout lends itself well to integration of a trike rear subframe” reports Grinnall who says this weld-free solution provides a “super strong and dimensionally precise structure.”

It’s complemented by a fully independent double-wishbone rear suspension incorporating a unique anti-roll bar system and billet alloy uprights. Steering is also lighter courtesy of billet alloy yokes. All this contributes to particularly sure handling.

Those 16-inch cast alloy outboard wheels host guards which, whilst taking their design cue from the Scout original, are longer and significantly wider in order to accommodate the trike’s meaty tyres.

Disc brakes to both front and front and rear are responsible for halting its 350 kilos.

The transmission is also quite something. Custom manufactured in Germany, the belt-driven final drive features both a differential and mechanical reverse. With electrical engagement enabling engine driven direct transmission, it is something of which Grinnall is particularly proud.

There’s a lot more to covet though.

The bodywork, a triumph of both engineering nous and sympathetic aesthetics, is the work of acclaimed designer, Steve Everitt. A long-term friend and associate, he previously contributed to Grinnall’s acclaimed Rocket 3 trike – “substantial fun” summed up the late, great Kevin Ash – and Scorpion 4 sports car.

It also took some work, being the trickiest part of the Midwest Indian 3’s 18-month gestation. Remember, Grinall doesn’t do easy options.

“The body styling and development of the shape was done in clay, the moulds taken off, another plug done in fibreglass and then a further set of moulds created for production.”

It was a three-man job with Everitt’s design and clay work supported by Tony Tovey’s clay modelling and Dave Pulford responsible for the moulds, bodywork and paint. Elsewhere Richard Taylor took charge of the CAD and chassis with Wesley Laight handling welding and fabrication.

Asked if there was a particular inspiration for the design, Grinnall responds: “We took our design cues from the Indian’s fuel tank, which is a masterpiece.” He adds that the need to incorporate a substantial boot “without compromising the shape is challenging and indeed the key to a great looking machine. What we’ve achieved means the line of the Indian flow through into the bodywork.”

Substantial that boot certainly is, offering a whopping 50 litres of waterproofed space, accessed through a lift-up cover. For those needing more, there are rack options, one on the boot and one replacing the pillion seat.

All told the Midwest Indian 3 is one hell of a piece of work. So much so that senior figures from Polaris, Indian’s parent, have been spotted sniffing around MidWest Moto’s 10,000 square foot showroom and factory.

“They love what we are doing and have been very supportive, as they were with our Midwest 115 and Midwest Chief Bobber,” says Grinnall. “Indian Motorcycles is a great company to be involved with. They’re very approachable and personal, from the bottom right up to the top people.”

Whilst still crunching the numbers, Grinnall reckons the MidWest Indian 3 will retail at around £25,000 and, as with all the company’s in-house conversions, carry a two-year warranty.

He’ll also happily look at converting your used donor bike should you fancy it. If you’re lucky enough to check out the new machine on Principal’s stand we think you might well be.



1133cc 95bhp 60deg V-twin 4-valve
97Nm Torque

6-speed constant mesh
Wet multi-plate clutch
Reverse gear and differential, belt driven final drive
CV drive-shafts

Indian cast-alloy multi piece chassis with Grinnall CNC billet in 6082 alloy

Double wishbone
In-board dampers
6082 CNC billet rear uprights
Indian telescopic forks with up-rated springs

Billet 6082 alloy yokes
Revised trail for light steering
Option steering damper

Indian Standard front
Grinnall Pillion seat with moulded foam
Optional Wrap-round pillion back rest
Optional rider back rest

50 litre waterproof storage in rear of body accessed through double skinned hatch

Width 1525mm
Length 2850mm
Seat Height 680mm
Weight 350Kg
Fuel Tank 12.5Litres

310mm Disc front and rear

16-inch cast alloy

205 60 15 R
130 70 16 F

2 years (factory built only)

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