14 May 2019

All Ages Apprenticeship scheme launched

We’re pleased to announce the launch of an All Ages Apprenticeship scheme to counter the widely held view that the on-the-job training packages are designed only for school-leavers.

We are currently looking to recruit apprentices across our operations to join around 100 staff whom we already employ at our headquarters on Cross Street, Sale, Manchester.

These include our core insurance broking business and support functions such as IT, finance, administration and human resources.

Sharron Titterington“Whilst apprenticeships are understandably popular with young people, they are far from being designed exclusively for them. They are ideal for people of all ages and backgrounds,” commented Sharron Titterington, Head of Compliance & HR (pictured left).

“More mature apprentices, through their life experiences, bring a wider skill set which can complement what they learn on a structured apprenticeship course.

“Whatever their age apprentices earn while they learn whilst working towards a highly valued qualification. Some 60% of employers value apprentices’ skills over those of university graduates.”

Apprenticeships on offer at Principal include Level 3 Insurance Practitioner and Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Finance Assistant qualifications, as well as business administration, HR and infrastructure and networking courses.

Gaining experience and a valued qualification

Typically apprenticeships take between 18 months and two years to complete, with apprentices usually spending four days a week learning “on the job”. Their final day is then spent studying, although this can include working on projects which are directly related to the work they are doing at Principal.

Apprenticeships“We want people to get a really good feel for the business, to find where they fit best and focus on securing a qualification which will allow them to develop a career within the Principal group. For us this is about long-term development,” said Ms. Titterington.

Principal began offering apprenticeship in 2017, with four apprentices joining its team. Each has since secured a Level 1 qualification and moved on to more specific, higher level courses appropriate to the job role they have chosen.

Established in 2011, Principal today serve around 50,000 motorcycle, car, van and commercial policyholders from our Sale HQ and offices in Dublin.

For more details or to apply please email us by clicking here.

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