Trike Insurance

If you like a specialist vehicle such as a trike you’ll be wanting to take really good care of it, protecting it with quality trike insurance that recognises what it really means to you. So that’s not just the pounds, shillings and pence but, more often than not, the days, evenings and weekends you’ve invested in it.

When it comes to trike insurance you’ll find we’re one of the UK’s leading players, people who really understand your enthusiasm. People who get that your machine might be powered by either a bike or car engine, that you might ride it on a car or bike licence, that an insurer might view it as a bike or car – and the impact that could have when calculating your premium.

We understand this specialist vehicle is often a labour of love, whether they’re based on a Robin Reliant or custom frame, powered by a hefty Harley, Hayabusa, Honda or Rotax engine, manufactured by well-known specialists like Boom and Rewaco or something you’ve engineered yourself and registered under the Single Vehicle Approval scheme. They’re all special, and we can provide specialist 3 wheel motorcycle insurance for you.

To ensure your trike is properly protected we offer a free agreed value service and you’ll find we’re not easily frightened by either the number or scale of your modifications (as long as they’re legal!). We also get that, whilst your trike is more than the sum of its parts, those parts can cost more than simply money, so we can even offer salvage retention rights.*

With our help you’ll find that whether your trike is fitted with bars or a wheel, you can steer yourself to a great three-wheeled deal!


* Salvage retention rights subject to terms and conditions. Please ask for details.

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