AJS Classic Motorcycles

A. J. Stevens & Co – after Albert John Stevens – was established in 1910, the launch of what was to become an iconic Classic motorcycles British marque being marked by the arrival of the single cylinder Model A, a 298cc, two-speed side-valved machine.

Where? Originally founded in Wolverhampton the business fell under the wing of London’s Matchless in 1931, taken down by its own ambition as the cost of developing one of the AJS classic motorcycles: Bike S3 V-twin, which  forced liquidation. The marque was later embraced by Associated Motorcycles and Norton-Villiers today remains a vintage motorcycle British concern, headquartered in Andover, Hampshire. As with so many things these days both its classic bike and its more modern motorcycles are, though, manufactured in China.

What? Cruisers, Customs, Mopeds, Motocross, Naked, Scooters, Sports, Supersports, Trail, and more vintage motorcycles for sale

Website? Click for the official AJS website.

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