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Motor Legal Protection will provide up to £100,000 to meet legal costs should you wish to make a claim for loss, compensation or injury if you are in an accident which is not your fault.

It can help you recover uninsured losses such as your policy excess, medical expenses, loss of earnings and hire of a replacement vehicle whilst yours is off the road or being replaced.

If your main policy provides only Third Party only or Third Party, Fire & Theft cover, you can use Motor Legal Protection insurance to help you recover repair costs should you be involved in an non-fault accident with an uninsured party.

All riders, all drivers named on the main policy

Motor Legal Protection will cover all drivers or riders named on your main policy and your passengers or pillions.

Should you make a valid claim, a solicitor will be appointed to represent you. They will assess what you may be able to claim for and the strength of your claim. They may also source expert opinion in support of your claim.

It will also be their responsibility to liaise with the other party and their insurers and, if necessary, instigate legal proceedings.

The cost of all this is met by your policy – up to the £100,000 limit – and means you can stand back and let the professionals lead your case.

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