To protect your licence call 0330 024 0087.

Add Licence Defence to your Principal policy and you’ll be adding £25,000 worth of legal expenses insurance to protect your licence if points and penalties are wrongfully added.

Then, specialist legal advice and representation are just a call away. Guiding you through every step of the legal process.

Perhaps you’ll get caught speeding in an area where the speed limit wasn’t properly marked. Or face wrongful allegations of careless driving.You’ll want to make sure that you’re always able to fight your case effectively.

Legal advice can be expensive and people can be tempted to go without it. If you add Licence Defence added to your policy you won’t have to make this call.

All you’ll have to do is contact the Licence Defence team and their specialists will guide you. They’ll  guide you on starting the legal process and fight your corner.

If you are required to make a court appearance, a lawyer will be provided to represent you, with the aim being to resolve fines and disputes in your favour.

We can add Licence Defence to any Principal policy that requires you to have a licence, including motorbike, car, motorhome and van insurance policies.

To protect your licence by adding Licence Defence to your policy, call 0330 024 0087.

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