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Biking gear can be dear! That’s why it’s worth protecting your protection with specialist Helmets & Leathers insurance.

A decent lid might cost several hundred quid to replace. The same for some quality leathers. Even a pair of boots or gloves might easily tip over a ton.

So even the smallest of small offs might cause a financial ouch!

Helmets & Leathers insurance – protection for your protection

The Helmets & Leather insurance we arrange is designed as an optional extra to complement your main motorbike insurance policy. It covers your protective biking gear should it be damaged beyond economical repair in a bike accident.

The policy we offer provides cover of up to £1,500 for:

  • Helmets
  • Leathers
  • Kevlar and other protective clothing
  • Riding boots
  • Motorcycle gloves

You can add it to your main bike policy at any time, not just when you renew or buy a new one through us. That’s handy if you treat yourself to some new gear and want to ensure it’s protected.

Cover limit of £1,500 applies to helmets and protective gear and claims subject to covered items being damaged beyond economical repair. Please ask for details. 12-month policy term. A £50 excess applies to claims.

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