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It’s never nice when you need make a claim on your motorbike, car, motorhome or van insurance, not least when you need pay your ‘excess’.

This is the sum you agreed to pay towards any claim you make when you took out your vehicle insurance policy.

You may have a compulsory excess, or opted for an additional voluntary excess, but either way it means you will need put your hand in your pocket when making a fault claim – one for which you are responsible.

Excess protection – paying your excess for you

We have some good news. With excess protection insurance you won’t need to.

This optional cover will complement your main policy and pay your excess when you submit a fault claim (if you have a non-fault claim you will usually be able to claim your excess from the other party involved in an insured incident).

The excess protection we arrange will cover insurer excesses from £300 up to £1,000.

We offer 12-month policies and would recommend that, if you want to take out excess protection insurance, you do so when purchasing your main vehicle policy.

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