Public Liability Insurance


If you ask yourself the question ‘How much is public liability insurance?’ and wonder about public liability insurance cost, at Principal we believe that accidents do happen and their consequences can be massive. That’s why it’s more than simply good practice for businesses to protect themselves through this insurance.

If someone is injured, dies or suffers loss or damage to their property through the actions of your business, then they can seek often substantial compensation. Claims can run into millions of pounds, with legal costs adding to the financial burden.

If you wonder what public liability insurance covers, it is actually designed to protect against these risks, covering the cost of compensation and associated legal fees and expenses (subject, of course, to policy limits).

At Principal we work in partnership with our clients, to assess risk and calculate an appropriate level of cover and can offer expert advice to all trades and businesses.

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Please note that if you operate a horse riding business you are legally obliged to take out public liability insurance.

  • Public Liability insurance for all trades, businesses and charities.
  • Covers compensation claims and associated legal expenses.
  • Policies to cover activities on and off business premises.
  • High risk trades i.e. scaffolders, roofers, heat workers, ground workers etc.
  • Flexible cover limits from £1 million upwards.
  • Available standalone or as part of integrated business insurance package.
  • Free on site risk assessment to determine cover appropriate to your business.

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