Quad Bike Insurance

You have probably been asking yourself ‘how much is quad bike insurance?’ and ‘is quad bike insurance expensive?’.  It’s not sourcing cheap quad bike insurance that can be hard, but finding cover itself for off road and road legal quads! That because many brokers and insurers, including a number of motorcycle insurance specialists, do not offer quad bike insurance policies.

But never fear, Principal are here, ready and willing to quote you our best rates for a huge range of quad bikes.
These include:

  • Sports Quad insurance
  • 4×4 Quad insurance
  • Buggy insurance
  • Utility Quad insurance
  • Recreational or Leisure Quad insurance
  • Performance Quad insurance
  • Modified Quad insurance, including Custom Quads

* The cost per vehicle can be lower when taking out multi-vehicle insurance than when insuring vehicle separately.

** Salvage retention rights and owners club discounts subject to terms and conditions. Please ask for details.

 For road-legal quad bikes we can arrange third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover, whilst off road policies offer insurance against fire and theft only.

And to help keep your costs down we can even transfer any no claims discount you’ve earned on a motorcycle insurance policy, to your quad bike policy.

If you would like us to contact and quote you, then just complete this brief form and we’ll get in touch to offer you the very best deal available via our panel of specialist insurers.

  • Specialist quad bike insurance.
  • Road legal quad bike  insurance.
  • Off-road quad bike insurance.
  • Monthly payment options
  • Specialist cover for wide range of quads and ATVs.
  • Discounts for approved security and garaging.
  • Transfer your motorbike no-claims discount.
  • Multi-quad insurance available.

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