Moped and Scooter Insurance

Moped and Scooter insurance: They might be lower on the CCs than a superbike but scooters and mopeds are also lower on running costs – and nippier around town than a British winter’s day! You’ve probably found some moped scooter parts, moped scooter accessories and a moped scooter helmet, but what about moped and scooter insurance?

If you’re among the increasing numbers of people turning to scooters and mopeds to negotiate Britain’s increasingly congested roads, then you’ll find considerable deals on moped and scooter insurance.

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing motorcycle insurance specialists, Principal arranges insurance for riders from a wide range of options, including commuting cover, limited mileage and policies for young riders, including 16 year olds riding 30mph limited mopeds. Knowing many scooter owners are enthusiasts who customise their ride, we can also administer cover for an unlimited number of road-legal modifications.

As ever you’ll also find we offer  discounts for membership of recognised owners clubs and the use of insurance approved security.

* The cost per vehicle  can be lower when taking out multi-bike insurance than when insuring separately.

* Owners club and security discounts subject to terms and conditions. Please ask for details.

  • Legal expenses included, covers up to £100,000 of legal fees & expenses.
  • Commuter cover.
  • Classic scooter and moped insurance policies.
  • No limit to number of road-legal modifications.
  • Generous discounts – for owners club membership and limited mileage.
  • Specialist schemes for young riders.
  • Knowledgeable service from one of the UK’s fastest-growing moped and scooter insurance brokers.

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