28 March 2018

Be Safe campaign urges riders to lock, chain and cover scooters

Today sees the launch of a new Be Safe campaign to encourage London’s riders to protect their mopeds and scooters from theft.

Launched by the Metropolitan Police and backed by Principal Insurance, Be Safe aims to tackle what is a significant problem in the capital.

Last year some 14,000 bikes were stolen in the capital – and the Met says it’s a growing issue.

As the media has also reported, mopeds are being pinched by criminals to facilitate crimes such as phone snatching. In the worst cases they’ve been employed in vicious acid attacks.

So this is about more than protecting your scooter and personal bank balance. It’s also about preventing your property being used to commit crimes against others.

Be safe scooter theftThe Met Police are doing their bit of course.

The force has equipped officers with faster and covert bikes. It is employing “stingers” to deflate the tyres of stolen mopeds. It is using forensic sprays to mark the criminals who thieve and engage on moped enabled crimes.

Now they’re asking Londoners to help them in this battle.

Their message is simple: Lock it, Chain it, Cover it.




Yeah, yeah, it’s an obvious point but then if everyone was doing it, the police wouldn’t feel the need to remind.

So, first things first: always engage your steering lock.

Complement that basic security with additional devices.Be safe moped theft

Use a disc lock to secure the front brake or a grip lock to secure both brake and throttle.

A D lock on the front wheel will also stop a thief wheeling your precious machine away.

Any security is a deterrent. Greater security is greater deterrence.

Remember too that if you use certain insurance-approved security you may be able to get a discount on your moped or scooter insurance. If you want more details, give us a call (0330 024 0087) or contact us by email, Facebook or Twitter.


Be safe scooter theftAlways try and chain your back wheel to street furniture – street lamps, signs or better still, motorcycle security hoops. If you can, keep the chain off the ground to protect against a hammer attack.

If there’s no fixed object handy, thread the chain as tightly as possible through the frame and back wheel. This could help protect parts from being stolen.


Covering your bike can make it less attractive to thieves.

A universal scooter cover could cost as little as a tenner and can be easily stowed whilst you’re riding.

Be safe campaign

Invest a little more in a waterproof version and you can protect your moped and its parts from the elements.

Of course another benefit is it might also stop you getting a post-downpour soggy bum!

It’s not just that-there London

Be safe scooter theftBe Safe is a Metropolitan Police initative launched in response to a particular problem in the capital.

But it’s clear that the Lock, Chain Cover message should resonate beyond the tarmacked confines of the M25.

We know as well as you how economic, practical, convenient and fun scooters and mopeds are. That’s why if yours gets nicked, you’ll miss it so.

We don’t want to patronise you, to teach proverbial grandmothers to suck eggs. But if Be Safe can encourage us all to better protect the two-wheeled things we hold dear, that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

  • For more information and advice visit www.metpolice.uk/scootersecurity



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