17 February 2017

Free bike crash detection app offer

We’re delighted to today be launching at the London Motorcycle show a free offer that could save your life.

Now, if you take out or renew any UK motorcycle insurance policy with Principal we’ll give you a free subscription to the award-winning REALRIDER crash-detection technology. This works in conjunction with the REALRIDER® app which also incorporates a range of biker-friendly features such as route recording and bike data storage services.

The first app to be approved by and integrated with the BT-managed 999 emergency call system, this whizzy bit of software really is a potential lifesaver? It works by monitoring key sensors on your smartphone – Android or IOS – to detect crashes. When it does, the app sets off an alarm which, if not deactivated within two minutes, automatically alerts the nearest ambulance control send details of your location. It simultaneously despatches any personal medical data you’ve stored on the app such as your blood type and any allergies you may suffer so that first responders are armed with info that can assist in delivery of effective and appropriate treatment.

Having been alerted the ambulance service will then call you and, if you’re able to answer, offer advice and, if necessary swiftly send paramedics to your aid. If you don’t answer then those paramedics are immediately despatched, the GPS signal giving them your location to typically within just a few metres. If you’ve been thrown from your bike and are cannot easily be spotted from the road, that could make all the difference in ensuring the medics quickly find and treat you.

Promotion offering free crash detection appBut it’s not just the potentially lifesaving nature of the crash detection technology that is likely to appeal to you. The wider app – which you can download free from the AppStore and Google Play – offers a load of handy features. These let you store and share your favourite routes, points of interest, photos, videos and audio commentaries. It’s great for sharing with your fellow bikers details of potholes, diesels spills and other hazards to help them ride safe. It’ll even help you stay road-legal by offering automatic prompts from your phones’ calendar to let you know when your next MOT and service is due.

We think it’s the bees knees. But you don’t have to just take our word for it as acclaim has come from far and wide. The Independent cooed that “Every once in a while, an idea comes along that’s so smart yet so simple that it’s hard to believe it’s not been done already. Commenting on the importance of motorcycle safety the BBC’s Ducati Monster riding Kate Russell reported that “one of the great things about [REALRIDER®] is that it acts as a crowdsourced base of knowledge for when dangers are found on the road…the app also provides speedy access to emergency services, including detailed location data in case you’re out in the country.

REALRIDER® has even received Royal seals of approval. In 2014 it won the Prince Michael Road Safety Award whilst this January the Duke of York and fellow judges named he apps creators, Realsafe Technologies, among three winners of the North East round of the Pitch@Palace competition

Remember, whilst the REALRIDER® app is free, the crash detection technology which could save your life and that of your pillion requires a subscription. Take out a modern, trike, scooter, classic or custom motorcycle insurance policy with Principal now, and you can get a three-month subscription totally free. If you’d like more details or a bike insurance quote, just give us a quick call on 0330 024 0087.

Call our friendly motorcycle insurance team for details of our free REALRIDER® subscription offer

Call our friendly motorcycle insurance team for details of our free REALRIDER® subscription offer





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