Get cover for you Helmet and Leathers with your Principal policy

When you’re out riding you want to make sure that you’re as safe a you can be. With your helmet and leathers being the most important protection should you ever come off your bike.

That great protection often comes at a price and with the damage that comes from an accident you could be looking at a large bill to replace your gear.

Give yourself the peace of mind that, should you come off your bike, you will be able to get out riding with the same protection. Insure your helmet and leathers with your Principal policy.

Additional cover for your gear is just £44.99. Providing up to £1,000 worth of cover should you get into an accident.

Cover can be added at any point during your motorbike policy. So if you’ve only recently bought some new gear and want it protected you can add it to your Principal policy now.

Don’t delay, protect your Helmet and Leathers by calling 0330 024 0087.

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